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Farhana Huq is a surfer and founder of, a website dedicated to sharing the stories of trailblazing female surfers from around the world. Brown Girl Surf will soon embark on an epic adventure traveling to India and Bangladesh to meet and document South Asia’s first female surfers. Check out Farhana’s inspiring story about how this project was born and help make this journey possible!

“A few months ago I gave a talk in San Francisco about surfer girls who were challenging conventional images of risk taking and bravery all over the world. Girls in the Gaza strip refugee camps were learning to surf amongst dropping bombs and flying bullets; A 22-year old college student in India became the country’s first female surfer. These surfer girls epitomize what it means to live in possibility, against many odds. I wanted to share with the world these stories, as they represent what it means to live in possibility.

Cara, a seasoned journalist and video producer with Storytellers for Good, happened to hear my talk that night. When I started sharing my plans to travel to India and Bangladesh to meet the region’s trailblazing female surfers, Cara had one response: “I’m going with you!” And so was born Surfing Possibility: Stories of India and Bangladesh’s First Female Surfers! The surfer girls of South Asia have taken risks against huge societal barriers to do what they love. We want to take you on a journey with us to meet our surfing sisters, and to share their stories with you.” Farhana Huq

Be part of Brown Girl Surf’s journey to document South Asia’s first women surfers:
For more info about Brown Girl Surf:

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