Ceto and Green Lightning Co-Create!

Ceto Surf and Green Lightning Surfboards spent a few warm August days together co-shaping a beautiful 7.0 Hull by hand. Materials include Ice 9 sugar blank, Entropy Bio Resin, and hemp cloth. Who knew shaping your own board could be so fun!

Green Lightning Surfboards, founded by Michael Emery and Kevin Schoenthaler, offers a unique product and service through tailor-fit customization and creation; a one-of-a-kind board built for you, and by you. Green Lightning provides an eco-friendly wave-riding experience by handcrafting custom surfboards from recycled, organic, and bio-derived materials. They hold environmental consciousness and responsibility at the core of their business strategy and are taking active steps to significantly reduce the environmental impact of a surfboard and the surfing lifestyle.  Mike and Kevin are the real deal: “As surfers, we rely on the health and stability of our oceans; it is our duty to preserve and protect what we love. We know that the natural world and the business world are inextricably linked, and we want to strengthen that link by setting an example and inspiring other businesses in the industry to adopt more earth-conscious operations.” More information: www.greenlightningsurf.com

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