New England Blood

Ryan Scura and Dylan Ladds are surfer/filmmakers from Concord, New Hampshire and the creative team behind New England Blood. This visually stunning portrait of New England surfers offers a sneak peak at what will become a feature length documentary. Ceto can’t wait to see more!

Ryan and Dylan: “It’s been over a year now since we began this project. We have collected hundreds of hours of video and audio from the New Hampshire coast and its surfers. Our ultimate goal is a feature film about this community, which will be released in April, but we’ve made many short films along the way. New England Blood is the most recent, and it’s different from our previous shorts. This is the first time we’ve tapped into our entire collection of media, rather than focusing on a specific person or event. It’s a lot of fun to look through our footage and realize how many awesome people we’ve met. They’ve let us interview them – usually at their houses – follow them around, and stick our cameras in their faces out in the lineup. We’re very lucky to be working with this welcoming group of people.”

More about the work of Ryan Scura and Dylan Ladds
Twitter/Instagram: @thegranitestoke

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