Photographer Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard is known as a unique visionary whose photography has the ability to catapult the viewer into the moment. At 26 years old, Chris has accomplished a style and composition all his own. In this visually stunning video, Chris talks about what inspires his work:

“I’ve always just aimed to do something that would keep me passionate and keep me sort of smiling, enjoying every second, and being challenged. If you put yourself in the right situation, your work can really make you grow, it can make you a better person. As far as work goes, the ocean has always been my favorite canvas, although that’s not really where it began. I think it all started with a passion for landscapes and, for me, the biggest goal has been just trying to merge that passion with anything I’m shooting.

I never take photos to do a place justice. I just take them as a record of my experiences there. And that’s really the beauty of doing what you love for work. The search is your reward. If that mind set comes with you anywhere you go, then you’ll always be successful. The second I get outside of my comfort zone, that’s where I find inspiration. It’s those moments that test you the most ~ these refining moments. In the long run, they’re the ones that give the most reward. This is where the inspiration is. It’s part of the process. My goal is always to just compose an image where the landscape is the hero – where I pay homage to these places that we get to find ourself.”

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“Insivity” videos
Produced/Directed by Kellen Keene

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